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Allison Dufty is an award-winning writer, producer and voiceover artist AND is absolutely, positively NOT the voice of Siri--this is a case of mistaken identity.

UPDATE: Voice talent Susan Bennett came forward as the real voice of Siri on

I was recently interviewed by The Verge for a behind-the-scenes  feature video on what it takes to make a computer voice. Unfortunately, The Verge decided to headline the piece "How Siri Got Its Voice," which made it easy for viewers to miss that the piece was about the HOW and not the WHO of Siri, or any other synthesized voice.

There are many computer voices out there, and I am one of them, just not THAT one. No where in the video or article does it say that I am the voice of Siri, and anyone listening to me speak can hear that, other being female, there are no similarities to our voices.

But since the name of Siri was in the headline, many unobservant viewers have jumped to the conclusion that I must be the voice of Siri, which is not true.

The Verge was asked nicely to change the headline to clear up this misunderstanding and they refused. UPDATE: After being contacted by a lawyer, The Verge has still refused to alter the headline of original video on their blog, but added this clarification to the Youtube version of their video: "Allison Dufty is not the voice of Siri, and neither she nor The Verge intended to imply that she is."

One or two incorrect blog posts has led to an onslaught of sharing and re-posting of this misunderstanding as fact. But it's really not true. Really, really. I'm just me, not Siri.                                                                                                                        résumé >