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Quotes Hands down, the absolute best thing about Alcatraz is the audio tour. ... If there was the equivalent of an Oscar for historical audio tours, Alcatraz would be Meryl Streep. ... [We] would constantly look at each other and point to our little audio machines hanging around our necks. "This is awesome," we screamed over our earphones across D-Block. Quotes
about "Doing Time: Alcatraz Cellhouse Tour"
from sfgate Culture Blog

Quotes This entry relies on and wins by an old fashioned notion ... tell a good story, and do it well. Walking the line between drama and fiction, tantalizing expose and puritanical facts, these snippets of history would enhance any visitor's trip through the Museum of Sex. ... The scripts are beautifully paced, ... probably the most appropriate of all technologies for this topic. Allows the visitor to imagine what might be difficult (or certainly risque) to show. Quotes
about "NYC: SEX," Museum of Sex, NYC
from MUSE Award Judges

Quotes The kids and I took the "family" tour while my husband listened to the standard adult version. After seeing us laughing and my kids talking excitedly, he switched over to our version too. The tour was good at pointing out things that kids would be interested in, giving a little bit of a history lesson and telling some of the rules of the house that pertained to the Vanderbilt children ... a life of privilege and restrictions. My 4-year-old was so impressed that he came home and wrote rules for our house. After the tour was over, both my kids asked to do it again! Quotes
about "The Breakers" Family Tour, Newport RI
from Trip Advisor

Quotes Educational, Challenging and Fun! Whether you want trivia just for a fun challenge or are simply wanting to expand your mind to things you're unaware of, this game is perfect for it! My favorite feature is that many questions are supplemented with "additional" information after a question is answered by using visuals and audio to further enhance your knowledge and understanding. There are 2000 questions which do not repeat until all have been used, and you can play solo. The questions are fun, interesting, challenging and quite diverse within the categories. The game design and graphics are great, and the game moves quickly from question to question. The music is fun as well with different music for each category. Overall? A very enjoyable, high-quality game that has education and entertainment all wrapped up together! Quotes
about "Trivial Pursuit Millennium Edition"
from Amazon Review

Quotes The audio tour was one of the best I've ever done. Before I got there I thought, how is it possible for an audio tour to be *that* good? But it is, trust me. ... Brilliant. Please go, you won't regret it. Quotes
about "Doing Time: Alcatraz Cellhouse Tour"
from Trip Advisor

Quotes When the third graders put the headphones on and heard the silly ... voice that was supposed to be the painter's mustache, they all broke into giggles. Nothing like seeing giggles coming from 8-year-olds in an art museum. Quotes
about "Salvador Dali: The Late Work Family Tour" High Museum

Quotes Beautiful and Brilliant Audio Tour. We have visited several such mansions in other parts of the country, but The Breakers offers a self-guided audio tour with admission that is by far the best we have experienced. Quotes
about "The Breakers" Audio Tour, Newport RI
from Trip Advisor

Quotes The Marble House Audio Tour successfully avoided many of the common pitfalls of historic house tours. It gave substantial context by providing multiple points of view. The creative blend of voices and original materials made the rooms come alive with the history of the House and evoked a real space. Quotes
about "Marble House" Audio Tour, Newport RI
from MUSE Award Judges

Quotes There are adverse opinions about audio tours, that they tell visitors what to think, instead of letting them see. In this case, though, the aural guide is a revelation. Art history is a unique language, one I often can't fathom, multisyllabic gobbledygook bordering on comic relief. So when a curator says ... that "the hill is Wyeth's father," my first response, as well as my second and third, is "yeah, right." But then Wyeth, a half century later and almost 90, says in my ear, "The hill became a portrait of him," speaking of his father, who died on the other side of the mound. ... And I go, "whoa," because I'm wrong about the whole business. Quotes
about "Andrew Wyeth: Memory & Magic," Philadelphia Museum of Art
from The Philadelphia Inquirer