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Trivial Pursuit

I served as a Senior content editor for the digital Millennium Edition of the classic board game, researching, writing and editing 2000 new trivia questions.

Unlike the board game, the digital edition offered multiple choice answers. This was an editorial challenge, since all the wrong answers had to adhere to the same strict research and confirmation standards as the right answers, just in case they were inadvertently correct.

In the process, I was transformed into the most boring party guest in the world. ("Did you know that....?")


"A "must-buy" for Pursuit fans." Amazon

Where do you keep your “glottis”?


  • In your glove compartment     
  • In your throat
  • In your abdominal cavity       

Which invention do Maine residents celebrate each December 21st, on "Chester Greenwood Day"?        


  • Earmuffs       
  • The chainsaw   
  • Artificial Christmas tree           

In your throat.

The glottis is the opening between the vocal chords and the larynx.