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Audio Description

My first audio training was writing for radio, which is a great advantage when creating Audio Description tours for blind or low-sight visitors: Using the mind's eye to bring something unseen to life.

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"How is it possible for an audio tour to be *that* good?" Trip Advisor

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Wright Brothers Museum

Dayton, OH

The AD tour described everything from detailed recreations of the Wright Brothers' workshops, to an entire full-sized airplane, to this iconic photograph.

Millennium Park
Chicago, IL

The Cloud Gate "bean" is a favorite destination of downtown Chicago. Its mirrored surface was a delightful challenge to describe.

Arizona Memorial
Honolulu, HI
The AD tour supplemented the many touch exhibits for low-sight visitors. I found the surprising appearance of this exploded torpedo to be fascinating.
First Flight Description
Cloud Gate Decription
Exploded Torpedo Description